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Nomenclator ZoologicusBibliographic identifiers
161225PorcellanaJousseaume [non Mueller Sowerby] 1884Bull. Soc. zool. France, 9, 91.0
63368DunoniaMabille 1876Bull. Soc. zool. France, 1, 203.(err. pro Ju- Huebner 1819)1876
117061MelatanisMabille 1876Bull. Soc. zool. France, 1, 199.(err. pro Melanitis Fabricius 1807)1876
117699MenneusSimon 1876Bull. Soc. zool. France, 1, 218.1876
124133MonuraMabille 1876Bull. Soc. zool. France, 1, 280.1876
21828BahiensisJousseaume 1877Bull. Soc. zool. France, 2, 311.18771762962
47559CorusJousseaume 1877Bull. Soc. zool. France, 2, 311.(err. pro Borus Albers 1850)18771850269
74551EuryocnemisBouvier 1877Bull. Soc. zool. France, 2, 296.(pro Eoc- riReichenbach 1849)1877
194874TanypteraMabille 1877Bull. Soc. zool. France, 2, 230.(See Pteroteinon Watson 1893.)1877
201045TomogerinaJousseaume 1877Bull. Soc. zool. France, 2, 312.1877
31207CaloschemiaMabille 1878Bull. Soc. zool. France, 3, 86.1878598837
130825NichthemeraMabille 1878Bull. Soc. zool. France, 3, 87.(pro Nycte- Huebner 1820)1878
5832AlbertiaTapparoni-Canefri 1879Bull. Soc. zool. France, 1878, 271.(err. pro Albersia Adams 1865)1879
23182BatrachuperusBoulenger 1879Bull. Soc. zool. France, 3 (1878), 71.1879
31745CamillaTapparone-Canefri 1879Bull. Soc. zool. France, 1878, 253.(err. pro Cancilla Swainson 1840)1879
37772ChameleonurusBoulenger 1879Bull. Soc. zool. France, 3 (1878), 68.1879
43345CloritisTapparoni-Canefri 1879Bull. Soc. zool. France, 1878, 271.(err. pro Chl- Beck 1837)1879
43375ClosterothrixMabille 1879Bull. Soc. zool. France, 3 (1878), 91 (also as Closrerothrix).1879
91557HispidulaTapparoni-Canefri 1879Bull. Soc. zool. France, 1878, 252.(err. pro Is- Gray 1847)1879
92810HomotamaTapparoni-Canefri 1879Bull. Soc. zool. France, 1878, pl. vi, explan. fig. 5-6.(err. pro -toma Bellardi 1875)1879

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